My previous account administrator is no longer contactable. How do I update HostSG of my change in administrators?

If your previous administrator is no longer contactable and you do not have access to the customer portal, for security reasons, we will require you to send in two items

a) your administrator update request in a formal letter to us via our ticketing system.
b) a copy of your company bizfile.

We will require the following items/information to be included in the letter:
  1. Company Letterhead
  2. Company Name and/or Domain Name
  3. Previous Administrator (Full name)
  4. Director/New Administrator (Full name)
  5. Director/New Administrator's Email Address
  6. Signature of Authorised Personnel
  7. Company Stamp
  8. Full name and Designation of Authorised Personnel

*IMPORTANT*: Change will NOT be immediate if the change of admin is Not to the Company Director himself.

We will continue to try to reach out to the current administrator for a period of 7 days for confirmation.
After a confirmation is received or that there is no reply from the current admin after 7 days. We will proceed with the change.
The only exception will be that the new admin will be the Company Director himself.

Kindly refer to the following sample letter for more information.
Admin Change Letter

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