Changing cPanel Password

For Budget / Starter hosting customers:

1. Login to your customer area:
2. Select the plan you wish to change the cPanel password for. (Picture below)

3. Select 'Change Password' under 'Actions'. (Picture below)

4. Type in your desired password on both text boxes and press 'Save Changes'. (Please use strong passwords!)

For Business Hosting, VPS and Dedicated Server customers (with existing cPanel access):

1. Login to your cPanel.
2. Select 'Password & Security'. (Pictures below)

(Newer cPanel version)

3. Fill in accordingly, and leave the checkboxes unchecked unless you know what you are doing.
4. Press 'Change your password now!'.

If you run into any issues while changing your cPanel password, please feel free to drop in a ticket and we will assist you.

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